Freedom To Explore

the Bay Area like never before with our new Lift eFoils
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Flying over water is now possible

Imagine skimming across the water's surface, carving out your path with the latest technology - no waves necessary. Our battery-powered carbon fiber eFoils provide an adrenaline-filled 120-minute ride, capable of reaching thrilling speeds up to 30mph. From the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the vibrant Embarcadero to the bustling Fisherman’s Wharf, the Bay Area is your playground. It's an exciting and unique way to explore San Francisco's captivating beauty. Embrace the freedom to carve your own course, experiencing the city as you've never seen it before. Prepare to see San Francisco from a fresh perspective, from the deck of an eFoil!

Surf Anything

Calm lakes or open ocean – explore any body of water, no waves needed

Battery Powered

Top-of-the line lithium batteries provide a long lasting and quiet ride

Ideal For All Levels

From beginner to expert, we have a board size and location for every rider

Book A Session

e-to-wing foiling experience

Unleash your sense of adventure with our comprehensive E-to-Wing Foiling Experience! Begin with a thrilling eFoil lesson to get acclimated to the world of foiling, followed by a kite-assisted paddle board session to bolster your skills and confidence. Then, experience the ultimate fusion as you combine everything you've learned into one exhilarating Wing Foil ride.

Fly across the Bay like never before!

Ready to own the thrill of an eFoil board?

We invite you to 'Fly Before You Buy'! Test the waters with our boards, and when you decide to buy, we'll refund your full demo cost! It's your chance to dip your toes into the eFoiling world, risk-free. Embark on the adventure, fall in love with the ride, and let your purchase propel you into the exhilarating eFoil lifestyle!