E-to-Wing Foiling Experience

Take flight with San Francisco eFoil in our immersive 2-day E-to-Wing Foiling Session, designed by our seasoned foiler, professional sailor, and licensed captain. Whether you're a seasoned water sports enthusiast or new to the world of foiling, this course is tailored to your level, with each skill set broken down into manageable and customizable segments.

Here's what the exhilarating journey with us looks like:

Day 1: Your Foiling Introduction
We kick off your adventure with a hands-on eFoil session, teaching you how to rise onto the foil and ride smoothly. This will be followed by an overview of wingfoil gear and its application, setting you up for your initial winging encounter.

  • Part 1: Up to 1.5 hours of eFoiling
  • Part 2: 1-hour introduction to winging using wingfoil equipment
  • Total Lesson time 2.5-3hrs

Day 2: Your Wingfoil Induction
Building on the skills gained from the first day, we move on to wind utilization and paddleboard winging with a centerboard for improved turning and upwind movement. Once you've mastered these, it's time to combine the skills and start wingfoiling!

  • Up to 3 hours of comprehensive Wingfoil experience

Throughout the first day, your instructor will accompany you, ensuring you receive real-time feedback and support. On the second day, our team will be ready to assist from a safety boat, ensuring optimal learning conditions, whether you're targeting stronger winds or mastering basics in flat water.

Your instructor, a 20-year professional sailor in San Francisco Bay, will share essential local knowledge on launch sites, tides, currents, and traffic safety, ensuring you're well-equipped to practice independently and safely when ready.

All equipment is provided, and we'll guide you through selection, sizing, and understanding design concepts from various manufacturers, empowering you to choose your perfect gear.

Your investment:

  • Day 1: $350 - Book your Beginner eFoiling Session on our website
  • Day 2: $350 - Reserve your spot with Heather at Finedayforsailing@icloud.com

Are you ready to soar across the Bay like never before? Let San Francisco eFoil be your guide in this exhilarating E-to-Wing Foiling adventure. The Bay is calling!